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Cynthia is a magnificent teacher. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her.

L.V., Portland OR

I came to Cynthia when I was dealing with an serious back injury, and not only did I feel exponentially better after each session but I actually felt more ease in movement then I had even prior to my injury. I always leave feeling smarter physically and empowered mentally. Cynthia is a great teacher.

-- A.F., Los Angeles, California

Cynthia is a lifesaver!! Genuinely, truly and honestly.

-- G.M.O., Pasadena, California

Cynthia is a highly skilled, wise, responsive, and heartfelt practitioner. It’s a joy and privilege to work with her.

-- P.D., Oregon City, OR.

The Amazing Cynthia Birney! I grew an inch in an hour!

-- E.H., North Haven, ME

I met Cynthia Birney through the cancer support center. The aftermath of my reconstructive surgery and other injuries have left me with some movement limitations. Cynthia's vast knowledge and supportive nature have combined to help me improve all my functional movements. Cynthia is great at creating a safe and fun learning environment in which great progress can be made. I feel very lucky to have studied with her and only wish I had found her earlier.

-- S.V.M., Los Angeles, California

Cynthia transmits the Feldenkrais work in a clear and profound way. What seems at times simple and at other times a puzzle is an enjoyable discovery to awakening new patterns of movement. In all my years of body practices I have found the Feldenkrais work to be subtle and lasting. I will always be grateful to how Cynthia has generously guided me to discover the intuitive ways my body can move towards more efficiency and ease.

-- R.C., Portland OR

"What I discover with Cynthia's work is feeling utterly safe! My body relaxes in a very deep way. I bow with gratitude for her skill and attention. She listens with her hands. She heals with her heart.

In no time at all my resistances have melted and my whole body allows the energy to flow in peaceful unobstructed harmony. I am one translucent flute of energy!"

S.M., Vancouver, WA

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