There are many symptoms that can be effectively helped by Cynthia’s work, such as neck, shoulder and back pain; hip, knee and foot pain; hand and wrist pain; and any kind of chronic pain anywhere in the body.  Other symptoms that respond to this work are often related to pain, such as fatigue, depression, balance issues and a reduction of enjoyment in daily activities.

What makes this work so effective is the fact that, through precise neurological intervention, when pain is reduced and movement improved in one part of the body, movement throughout the whole muscular skeletal system improves.  There is a positive generalized effect on a person’s whole way of organizing movement.

As a person’s way of moving improves, joints that have been overused (which cause pain) are returned to optimal use.  Joints that have been underused (which can also cause pain) are able to start being used again, so that the work of any given function — walking, turning, reaching, bending, sitting, standing and breathing — is distributed throughout the whole skeleton more efficiently.  And the miracle of efficient movement is that pain signals in the brain change so there is a reduction or elimination of pain altogether.

The reduction or eliminating of pain can happen in the first session.  Each subsequent lesson builds on the preceding one, until a person gains the precious awareness of how to move without pain.

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