About Cynthia Birney

Cynthia Birney is a movement specialist with extensive experience providing healing for those with chronic and acute pain, as well as balance and postural challenges.

Her earliest passion, riding horses, led her to England in 1972 where she studied with Robert Hall, one of Britain’s premier Olympic equestrian coaches.  Her many years of teaching riding were a superb foundation for the 4 year advanced study of human movement through a Feldenkrais Method® Training Program, which certified her to be a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®.

Since graduating in 2002, Cynthia has combined a life long appreciation of movement patterns with her understanding of how our injuries, surgeries, experiences and emotions manifest in our bodies.  She looks at each individual as a whole person, a particular expression of life that is precious and unique.  Students coming to her are looking for ease and authenticity in that expression.  Her practice has included helping people in chronic and acute pain – individuals suffering from various neurological impairments – accident and trauma survivors – dancers, performers, athletes and musicians – people with balance and postural concerns – as well as with those simply wanting more fluidity in their bodies and peacefulness in their lives.

Cynthia’s style is easy, gentle and practical.  With her devotion to body-mind integrity, she offers her students genuine healing, including novel and pleasurable ways of moving, valuable opportunities to create deeper awareness in sensing, feeling and thinking, and a profound understanding of how these options are richly life enhancing.

Cynthia’s practice, located in Vancouver WA, includes public workshops to introduce groups to the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method.  A mother and grandmother, she is author of  Moving with Grace: Essays on Grief, Healing and Hope.

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